Municipal Swarm Rescue Program

Connect with local beekeepers who can safely capture, remove, and relocate honey bee swarms to a new home.

Photo by Christopher Darton

Swarming is the process by which a queen bee leaves the colony with a large group of worker bees in search of a new home. In some cases, a new queen is created, while the old queen takes off with about 60% of the workers to start a new hive.  Honey bee swarms collect in large clusters that can sometimes be bigger than a basketball. They can contain thousands to tens-of-thousands-of bees.  While they're not dangerous, you should keep your distance and contact a local beekeeper to safely relocate it.



Photo: MaryAnn Welsh and Amy Bothwell catching a swarm of honey bees from a cut branch and installing them into a hive box.


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Capture, Relocate, Preserve
Honey bee swarms are not dangerous, but they do need to find an appropriate home. Beekeepers can help by collecting the swarm.  The Municipal Swarm Capture Program seeks to initiate a public reporting system to effectively capture and relocate swarms.



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"Thank you for setting this up!" - C.H. - Ulster County Beekeepers Assoc.

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